We Now Use Blancco

Recently Computers 4 Learning has organised a deal with Blancco. Blancco is a world leading company that is used worldwide, and we are pleased to announce that Computers 4 Learning wipes all hard-drives using Blancco’s solution.


Blancco’s disk erasure solution is up to 60% faster than other disk erasure solutions out there. This means that we can now refurbish computers faster than ever before. So there are plenty of computers to go around so feel free to apply for one through our site or Contact Us for more information.


Because of our new solution we are compliant with even more disk erasure methods and standards. As per our previous arrangement we can also provide a Certificate of Erasure which ensures that the data has been erased. However unlike our previous system we can also now perform system testing allowing us to get more information about the computer. This information can also be provided to you upon request.


Unlike other companies that offer disk erasure here at Computers 4 Learning we don’t charge to wipe your hard-drives. Other companies that take IT equipment from computers oftenly charge per disk they have to erase. But Computers 4 Learning believes that if you are kind enough to donate the computer to us then we are kind enough to erase it for free for you.


Here are a few photos of us using our new to erase donated computers.

Blancco Disk Erasure disk_erasure2








If you would like more information don’t hesitate to Contact Us.