Computers4Learning Thank all Donors.

C4L would like to extend many thanks to the Rotary Club of Mooloolaba. A much needed donation of computers was received from Club President Geoff Hopkins, by C4L Manager Chris Johnston.

We aim to help the community where we can & with help from the community, we all benefit in some way. Again, many thanks.

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Teacher in a Box is going places

Earlier this month Deb Singleton of Christian College, Geelong deviated from her usual flight to Timor Leste for a Teacher in a Box and some training.   Their partner school at Viqueque was the destination.

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Bribie Island and Assistant Governor, Wendy Scholz, Goroka is the destination for the first 2 Teacher in a Boxes to go to PNG.  This is just the start….  the club has a very strong connection with PNG through Rotarians PDG George and Mary Grant and many, many more deployments are planned for PNG.

The Rotary Club of Blacktown was very pleased to advise that their Teacher in a Box deployment to Bishop Emmanuel in Monrovia, Liberia has reached its destination.

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Huge increase in the number of NEW Visitors to our website

We have just been looking at the number of NEW visitors to our website over the past few months.

January : 417
February to June : Stayed around 580 each month
July : 2127 and we still have a week to go….

Happy we are!!!

Blacktown Rotary – What a Club!!!

President Tess of Blacktown Rotary Club launches Teacher in a Box in the Philippines.

Blacktown_Intermeros TIB Launch

President Tess (centre) is pictured here with Rotary partners from the Intramurros Rotary Club in Manila.

The Philippines have been plagued by extreme weather events in recent years with libraries being flooded, restocked and then flooded again.  A Teacher in a Box mobile server that sets up a Local Area Network (LAN) offering KA Lite (Khan Academy) and a huge library of text books and other educational and training content off-line should prove to be far easier to get to high ground at short notice.

Last weekend International Director, Pam Carne, also from the Rotary Club of Blacktown, flew in from Sydney and picked up 3 more Teacher in a Box units.  Two of these are destined for the Philippines and the other for Indonesia.  Well done President Tess, Pam and other members!! Outstanding effort!!


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Green Heart Fair a huge success…. we think!!

Fantastic weather and a huge turn-out.  Chris, Des and Jeanette were kept very busy telling people about what we do at Computers 4 Learning.  Lots of people showed a genuine interest and there were even some IT Managers amongst them. If just one of these organisations comes good with a large quantity of donated computers we will be VERY happy.

IMG_4402         IMG_4399 (3)

Green Heart Fair

Stop and see us this Sunday at the Green Heart Fair, Chermside

Bribie Island Presentation

The Teacher in a Box presentation at Bribie tonight went even better than we had hoped. People could not believe that all of this educational content was coming to them from the laptop and that little white box sitting on the desk… and not the internet.
The incoming District Governor had stayed back especially to see the presentation…. His words:…”That was AMAZING!!”
Yes…. we are confident that Teacher in a Box is going places…. lots of places… and PNG will be one of them!!

More laptops needed URGENTLY!!

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Flight Centre does it again!!

Flight Centre has come to our rescue once again with a large number of laptop computers many of which will be going to a new home locally and several others are destined to become servers in our * VERY EXCITING * Teacher in a Box project.   Check out Projects on this website for more information and see why we are so excited!!

Flight Centre – Computer Donations

We are very pleased to announce that we have a lot of new computers donated to us at Computers 4 Learning. The very generous donors Flight Centre, contacted us a few weeks ago and have been donating computers to us over this time frame. In all our years of operating this by far has been our largest donation of computers to Computers 4 Learning.

We are very grateful to the effort Flight Centre has made in donating the computers. On more than one occasion Flight Centre’s IT Department has dispatched a vehicle carrying in some cases over 100 computers, several boxes of keyboards and mice and several screens.

Flight Centre DonationsFlight Centre


We cannot express our gratitude enough to this wonderful company and all those involved with the Donation. It’s from the generous donations from individuals and businesses like Flight Centre that keep us operating. Without them Computers 4 Learning would not be where it is today.


WIth the generous donation from Flight Centre we now have more computers then we have ever had before. This means that we have plenty to supply to individuals or organisations. So please, if you or you know someone who needs a computer send them our way so we can fly these computers into the community.


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