Application Process

The Computer Request Form – Individuals is to be used by persons to apply for a computer for themselves. (Please note that the Individuals Request form is not to be used by organisations sponsoring a recipient, the Organisation Request form can be used for that purpose.)

Once you fill out the individuals form it will then go to our requests team at Computers 4 Learning. When we receive your application we will evaluate it and confirm your eligibility, we will then contact you again with further information.

Eligibility Criteria for Individuals

The application can be received from persons holding a valid pension card, healthcare card or student card, or similar and must be followed by a letter of support from an appropriate third party.

Support letters can be accepted from:

  • A school teacher on School stationery only
  • A person of standing in the community (eg. a policeman, medical doctor or minister of religion_ who is personally familiar with the eligible beneficiary.
  • An officer of a recognised and properly constituted community service organisation
  • An employee of a registered or non profit organisation on official organisation stationery only.

Letters from third parties only need to contain a statement that the writer has investigated the circumstances of the applicant and are satisfied that the applicant meets the criteria advertised on the Computers 4 Learning web site. They do not need to go into details of the applicant’s personal circumstances.

Proof Required

Applicants MUST indicate on the application from which documents they possess, the pension card, healthcare card, student card or similar, and then provide eligibility by presenting these documents when collecting the computer.

The Manager, Computers 4 Learning has the right to:

  • request additional information where a case of genuine need cannot be established and
  • refuse to release computers if there is any remaining doubt

In cases where supply has been refused the applicant is invited to appeal to the Board whose decision on the matter will be final.


End User License Agreement

All persons collecting computers will be required to sign an End User License Agreement (EULA) prohibiting the copying of software and prohibiting the resale of the Computer.

Further Information

Should you have any further questions then please Contact Us. Don’t forget that we are a volunteer organisation and only operate part time so please be patient.


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