Application Process

The Computer Request Form – Organisations is to be used by eligible recipient organisations to apply for computers on behalf of themselves or when sponsoring someone else.

Once you fill out the organisation form it will then go to our requests team at Computers 4 Learning. When we receive your application we will evaluate it and confirm your eligibility, we will then contact you with further information.

Important note:   It is not practical to keep a large store of computers ready to go.  Please contact us to discuss the lead time needed for large orders.

Eligibility Criteria for Organisations

An Eligible Recipient Organisation, as described in the Microsoft Registered Refurbishment Program – Australia, includes: a Charity; Not for profit infants, primary, secondary or TAFE College registered in a State or Territory of Australia by the relevant authority. To be a recognised charity, organisations must meet all of the following criteria:

Is a non-profit organisation and has as its sole or dominant purpose:

  • The relief of poverty, the needs of the aged or the relief of sickness or distress, or the advancement of education; or other purposes beneficial to the community; and
  • Does not receive more than one third of its income from any one person or entity; and
  • Is not substantially engaged in lobbying, political campaigns or other activities designed to influence legislation

Proof Required

Organisations will be contacted directly if proof is required to substantiate an organisations compliance with the above criteria.

The Manager, Computers 4 Learning has the right to:

  • request additional information where a case of genuine need cannot be established and
  • refuse to release computers if there is any remaining doubt.

In cases where supply has been refused the applicant is invited to appeal to the board whose decision on the matter will be final.


End User Licence Agreement

Persons collecting computers will be required to sign an End User License Agreement (EULA) prohibiting the copying of software and prohibiting the resale of the Computer


Further Information

Should you have any further questions then please Contact Us. Don’t forget that we are a volunteer organisation and only operate part time so please be patient.


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