Blacktown Rotary – What a Club!!!

President Tess of Blacktown Rotary Club launches Teacher in a Box in the Philippines.

Blacktown_Intermeros TIB Launch

President Tess (centre) is pictured here with Rotary partners from the Intramurros Rotary Club in Manila.

The Philippines have been plagued by extreme weather events in recent years with libraries being flooded, restocked and then flooded again.  A Teacher in a Box mobile server that sets up a Local Area Network (LAN) offering KA Lite (Khan Academy) and a huge library of text books and other educational and training content off-line should prove to be far easier to get to high ground at short notice.

Last weekend International Director, Pam Carne, also from the Rotary Club of Blacktown, flew in from Sydney and picked up 3 more Teacher in a Box units.  Two of these are destined for the Philippines and the other for Indonesia.  Well done President Tess, Pam and other members!! Outstanding effort!!


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